Amara Grace bamboo headwear is the brainchild of Anja Berkowitz.




I found out that I had a very aggressive type of cancer while I was pregnant with twin boys. It was the most daunting and scary experience of my life as not only was my life in danger, but also the lives of my long-awaited babies. Not only did I have to get myself through this, but two little bodies inside me as well.


While undergoing chemotherapy my hair started falling out. The emotions evoked by the loss of my hair had little to do with vanity. I had far bigger mountains to climb. I wasn’t ready to share my story with the world and losing my hair made it common knowledge without my consent.


Wigs were a complete no-no and most of the headwear in South Africa screams cancer. I saw many young girls and pregnant girls going through exactly the same thing. That was when I promised myself that if I survive the ordeal that had come upon my path, I would find a way of making women feel comfortable and glamorous while going through the process of chemo, losing their hair and fighting for their lives.


And that is how Amara Grace was born.