Women of different cultures and religions have been covering their heads for a multitude of reasons since the beginning of time. Some of the reasons are religious and others indicate a woman’s standing in society. Sometimes the reasons are weather-related and sometimes they are health or hygiene related.


Amara Grace headwear can be worn just because you feel like it, as a fashion statement or just for fun. Whether your reasons are practical or whimsical or you just want to display another side of your personality – we’ve got you covered.


Our gorgeous, trendy, easy-to-wear products are made from the softest of soft bamboo fabric offering luxurious comfort. Amara Grace headwear is Proudly South African.


Amara is an ancient Sanskrit name that appears in many languages and cultures. In Sanskrit it means immortal, in Latin beloved, in Nigeria it means grace, mercy and kindness in the native Igbo language. So our name Amara Grace represents exponential Grace. The concept of Grace is one that we embrace. To be graceful is to move with elegance, comfortable in your own skin.

Grace under fire.


In the moment when one experiences true Grace, acceptance follows and the knowledge that true beauty is of the soul – timeless and immortal. This is the eternal beauty of finding out who you are, who you have been and who you have become.